About Park & Dibadj

Park & Dibadj are trusted money and finance attorneys. We have one goal: help our clients raise money, make money, and stay out of legal trouble.

We help clients raise money by implementing novel capital raises and forming investment funds. We excel in developing cutting-edge approaches to capital raises that combine the latest regulatory and technological developments. Clients come to us with ambitious and challenging fund-raising needs, and we create an infrastructure that allows them to achieve their goals legally. We do so by navigating seamlessly across securities, commodities, banking, and other regulations—not only across states, but also transnationally as needed—to deliver an integrated solution. This is why clients choose us, for example, for initial coin offerings (ICOs) or to design blockchain-inspired investment funds or trading platforms.

We help clients make money by managing the frontiers of regulation and compliance. Clients ask us to create a regulatory strategy that enables their innovative business models, whether in fin tech, reg tech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyrptocurrency, healthcare, or biotech. We advise clients on how to use existing and evolving laws—including in rapidly changing and uncertain legal environments—to support new ways of doing business. We assist on business and corporate transactions that help clients grow and achieve their vision. Clients choose us because our expertise in business strategy strengthens our judgment on legal strategy.

We help clients stay out of legal trouble by defending those facing serious allegations of malfeasance from private plaintiffs and government agencies. We take on cases where clients are accused of misappropriating funds and face severe civil and criminal penalties. Our strength comes from an ability to craft novel defenses involving difficult accusations of securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, bribery, insider trading, and the like. We are immersed in statutes, regulations, and federal common law, and we appreciate their ambiguities and weaknesses. Clients come to us when their wealth and freedom are in jeopardy, knowing that we will defend them ethically and relentlessly.

Our practice benefits from relationships with world-class experts. We draw on a variety of subject-matter specialists—from certified anti-money laundering experts, to attorneys in jurisdictions overseas—to deliver a unique service that helps clients make money, raise money, and stay out of legal trouble.


Contact Doug at doug@parkdibadj.com or Reza at reza@parkdibadj.com to learn how we can help you succeed.