Successfully Navigating Complexity

While the client matters we work on are complex, Park & Dibadj’s (P&D) value proposition is simple: we deliver world-class legal services for a fraction of what large law firms charge. In addition to substantial cost savings, clients maintain direct contact with the firm’s principals. Unlike “big law,” we do not delegate the work to junior lawyers—and messages do not get lost in hierarchical layers.

P&D works on a variety of matters, both transactional and litigation-focused. The overarching theme is that clients come to us with complex problems and expect us to successfully navigate that complexity. 

Our unique training and backgrounds allow us to assist in addressing the most difficult problems clients face. We are experienced corporate and securities lawyers who provide trusted counseling, judgment, and foresight,. We are also trained business strategists with a deep immersion in business, organization, and technology. This perspective allows us to stay on the forefront of legal and business developments. Therefore, our offering is rich: legal advice that advances your business models, strategies, and goals. Put simply, we have a unique appreciation for the intersection of law and business. This is why we are trusted advisors to executives, board members, investors, and entrepreneurs.



Our transactional practice supports a wide range of financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and corporate transactions. Three particular areas of expertise are worth highlighting.

Business Formation, Financing, and Investment Funds

We help our clients raise capital in a cost-effective manner, while at the same time meeting securities law and other requirements. We work with entrepreneurs to form startups and grow emerging companies. We also assist with hedge fund and private equity fund formation and exempt financing offerings. In doing so, we navigate required disclosures and filings under statutes such as the Securities Act of 1933, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and Investment Company Act of 1940.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We have developed experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency—notably, with Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) or token sales and “smart contracts”—where we craft legal strategies that integrate not only the federal securities, money transmission business laws, and Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer laws, but also state licensing and registration requirements such as the New York BitLicense.

Trusted Advisors: Corporate Governance and Strategy

P&D also serves as a trusted advisor to companies—as well as corporate boards, board committees, individual board members, and corporate officers. Our experience in business strategy buttresses our legal counseling. Sometimes we are brought in to deal with a specific emergency or particularly thorny issues of corporate law and corporate governance. Other times we are engaged to review a corporation’s legal strategy, and still on other occasions we are engaged as thought partners on fundamental legal and business questions.

On the Frontiers of Business, Technology, and Law

We are frequently asked to craft regulatory strategy for innovative business models and revolutionary technologies. We create solutions to issues of first impression in emerging areas of law—our work on blockchain and cryptocurrency being one example.

Regardless of the particular context in which our transactional services our sought, we help our clients raise money and make money.


P&D’s litigation practice focuses on defending against serious allegations of malfeasance in two domains:

(i) civil and criminal securities fraud, financial fraud, and insider trading; and

(ii) corporate independence, conflict, and corporate governance matters in both public and private corporations.

Sometimes P&D will work directly with the client; other times, law firms will engage us to assist them on particularly complicated questions of law and policy. While we also assist plaintiffs, our specialty lies in defense work—including insider trading, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Dodd-Frank, and mail & wire fraud.

Unique Skills That Benefit You

We understand not only the gamut of doctrines in the canon (from the most fundamental to the most esoteric)—but also organizational behavior, including social network analysis and informational cascades within organizations. Understanding how information flows within organizations and the behavioral aspects of such flows is highly useful and relevant in cases involving insider trading, securities fraud, corporate governance, and financial fraud. As a result, we are able to seize on opportunities that attorneys without these backgrounds would miss.

The bottom line is that we help our clients stay out of legal trouble.

Sample Engagements

Recent defense-side engagements include developing game-changing defenses to felony charges of securities fraud and embezzlement, as well as to allegations of civil enterprise liability. Our plaintiff-side work includes developing successful theories of fraudulent transfers, piercing the veil, and fiduciary duties in bankruptcy and insolvency.